Lest We Forget

Today I remember my father who was a WW2 Veteran. He enlisted in North Bay with the Algonquin Regiment at the age of 17 and served his country well. He was stationed in Belgian for a time and took part in the invasion at Juno Beach. He was hurt only a few months before the end of the war and returned to Canada after recovery.

He was greatly affected by the war and rarely spoke about it. He passed away in 2007 at the age of 88.

He was a calm positive influence in my life and I miss him greatly!

To all the Veterans today, I salute you! To all those who are enlisted in the Reserves, and in the Canadian Armed Forces you are appreciated for all you do!


My awakening started when I was 4 yrs old and I chose reading books over watching T. V. When I realized I could do amazing feats in my dreams and when I learned we murdered Jesus!

From then until now I have struggled to live in this dualistic, wealth whopping, scandalous, captivating empire called Earth. How do we not sell a bit of our soul at times as we strive for love and inclusion? I am truly grateful for my belief system that occasionally pulls me up by my collar and sets my soul back on the path. You know the one that leads to world peace, unity and brotherly love! The one we are all suppose to be on!

How is it that I am here, awake, eyes wide open, living life, when all I see or hear in the media is about the worst parts of humanity ? The news casts gloomy renditions of the chaos around us. Wars, fear, death, disease and the scare tactics that go with each of them. A constant reminder of the lack of hope they seem to spread. The controlled media uses lies to hide the truth. It’s a new sport in town where dooming articles are fishing for our soul energy and reeling us in like unsuspecting food sources. Why is that? Why do they want us all in dried surrender? Feeding us dirty water as we quench our need to know the truth.

It’s our world too! where are our heroes? People who speak up and challenge the lies. Men and women who demand to be represented by those we elect in positions of power over us. Where are the people with eyes to see and ears to hear what the spirit is saying? where is our living water, our truth?

As I teeter on the edge I stopped watching and listening to the news media. I aligned with my 4 yr old self who apparently knew better! I know order comes out of chaos, so I am not afraid. I also know who I am. My awakening self began with this first step, watching what I see and listen to. I choose to live life asking questions and finding the truth that lies at the centre of all things, all situations and in all experiences. Truths that I may not even want to hear or be ready to accept, but valiant truths that align with my soul.

As I live my life my challenge and calling is to awaken and unite humanity. Humanity deserves to live without being manipulated, controlled and in slavery to all who are in power over us. We were created to live in balance with ourselves and nature, under universal law that states
“hurt no satient being”. My challenge is to question everything until I find a common thread of truth that everyone can accept that will unite us all! People I will need help!

Until then I have abundant omnipresent hope. The palimpsest of hope demands your ability to peel the layers. Starting with understanding and then moving towards actions you can take that support a better world, a happier family, and a more balanced & harmonized self. Hope is the basis of the hero within you and in the words of “Humble the Poet”,

“We need to be the hero in the book
of our life in order to save ourselves
from all the shit we are surely to encounter!”

Photo of Dad

A moment captured in time

of a fathers struggle to live

even in the depths of pain and discomfort.

Resting in a chair at window ledge

peering and frowning as if to memorize,

immortalize this moment.

A mini vacation set aside

to help rejeuvenate and de-stress.

Niagara Falls river rushing by

through windowpane.

His pain as deep and disguised

as the rivers current.

Mom notices his absence of thought

and clicks the camera.

The flash awakens his dreamy state

as he smiles at her

What was he thinking?

She loves him dearly and misses him already.

A black and white photo left behind

that will never reveal

the life of colour they shared in the 51 years of marriage!

The Wilderness of Poetry

In the wilderness of poetry

I’m wondering if you can envision what I ascertain?

We are so different

I search for the truth and beauty

in the darkest of human holes

black space envelopes me

I grasp for inclusion

The birthing of a spark ignites a light

only the energy of a soul shares

I am a soul, wild, free, alone

creating a moment

of belongingness

A dangerous place this wilderness

Untamed, vulnerable, holy

Will you even see me with closed eyes?

Will my sacred courage stand


My breath like a slow fog expels

I smell the pines in the forest

standing firm, grounded, wild

free, alone

I belong here

My pen is my voice

like the smell of the pines

it cry’s out to be noticed

Fragrant words seducing you closer

vowels lighting the narrow path

to the beauty within my wilderness

I see you!

I listen and look with a painful heart

anticipating true belonging.