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Hello fellow writers and poetry readers, I am in the process of writing my second book of poems about living in Northern Ontario Canada. I would love any suggestions of poetry books, from Northern Canada, that have inspired you.

Keep your nails clipped, your ink stocked and your heart open!

Write On! Love Jacqueline

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Rapid Fire Writing

This type of writing is pulled from the page as someone reads a quick story or series of words gathered. It is up to the poet to arrange the words or sentences into a free style poem. Here is my latest rapid fire poem.

The Golden light within us needs to come forth

Rise and speak your truth

Upon waking I have to leave the sanctuary that blankets me

Hide from those until there is no more blackness walking about

Listen to our native ancestors who legends need storytelling

Wrapped in laws, surrounded by the chill of steel

Where is there fairness among soap peddlers? While washing our sins away

By Jacqueline Denis

2022 Poetry

I am starting this year with YIN POETRY. During December I committed to getting up early and writing from my heart. A concept taught to me by Vanessa Shields ( who had a few online gatherings on how to write YIN Poetry. My experience with writing before the sun rises started with “oh no I don’t think I like this!” to “I do need a different way to rise each day”. The idea of starting each morning with my heart was truly the most compassionate thing I have done lately for myself. My suggestion is to give it a try, if all else fails you can always do the leftover dishes in the sink.

My Path

I speak up as one among the many

 willing and able

to rise above the journey

Using my heartfelt desires,

to unite humanity.

I write through waves of confusion, trauma, and pain

hoping to find a better place within.

My voice speaks to hearts

Gently peeling away the puzzle pieces

with a goal to finish the game.

Coming together by finding ourselves.

Only then we will be able to see

The one beautiful image we are. 

Poem prompts

Blissed rays falling


enticing freckles


lying in surrender

to an invisible G-d



Live Poetry

Poetry lies in these moments of presence

To be a poet is to recognize that inspiration comes from each present moment that draws us into our creativity! Then it is our senses that overtake us as we try to show others what we see, feel, hear, taste and smell. But it is my sixth sense that brings them all together to unravel the mystery.

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as I begin to unravel my creative process of writing poetry. Thank you for your encouragement, support and openness to connect more to the spiritual side of yourself as you awaken the divine being within you!

Caretakers of this Earth

To all the living things

On our planet wide

That soar majestic wings

Or move with evening tide

That have a right to be

Sustaining on earth’s crust

Evolving from the sea

One day to lie in dust

You have a right to be

When will we learn our role?

Destroying all we see

Will greatly take its toll

I believe we were chosen

Caretakers of this earth

This question that I pose

Contemplating birth

Which skill is needed so?

We understand and work

Together with our foe

To sympathize not irk

Who is to teach this skill?

To all the living beings

I thought it was the will

Of nations honest kings?

Does only man have worth

Who lives and conquers all?

Caretakers of this earth

Accept this destined call!


April is National Poetry Month and I honour their theme of Resilience

Humans falling can fly buoyantly through the chaos

dark spaces expand casting a landing pad

we are flexible as rubber

springing back into form once the trauma has been felt

confused that we are still here

Our thoughts master patience as angels descend to pick up the pieces

our mind, body, and souls connect to the truth

memories are submerged into the ocean of forgetfulness

rapidly recovering

licking our salty wounds

A day emerges and we feel joy

light slowly flows into our hearts

as we wander weightless around the earth


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