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Every year we set aside a day to acknowledge our Earth. I have questions regarding this! The Earth means many things to many people. How one perceives it is how they interact with their world. To start the conversation off, What does the Earth mean to you? Is it just the planet we live on? and who gave it the name Earth? Is that its real name? If it’s just a planet to you, why is it we cannot get off of it? Why are only rich astronauts and air force personnel allowed to leave? Why do I feel like secrets surround our beautiful 3rd rock from the sun? How are you celebrating our planet on Earth Day?

Do you have a different perspective? Do you value the soil, dirt, ground, or land you stand on? Is it the clay or mixture of sediment. The compost of centuries rotting beneath your feet; one upon the other, waiting to be un-earthed and discovered, that has meaning? How will you be celebrating the soil on Earth Day?

Or is it the oceans of fresh waters beneath, hidden not being utilized or discussed that lies the importance of celebrating a day a year? after all is there really a water crisis then? How will the waters rise and be released from it’s caverns on Earth Day?

What do you value about Earth Day? Our language even gives it a negative connotation according to the dictionary. To be Earthy is to be mundane, terrestrial, and implies a contrast to that which is heavenly. To be un-earthed is to be celestial, spiritual, divine, or heavenly. Oh the value we place in naming things, sacred words imparted throughout our society. Even this article can be perceived as becoming Earthy, lusty, rough, unrefined, crude to even be discussed on Earth Day!

For me I will be going for a walk in my forest, praying and celebrating nature, while leaving footprints upon the soil I trod. I will be releasing prayers and affirmations for the beauty I find. I will dream of escaping and flying into outer space to get a better view of humanity, and I will honor and respect the words I choose while celebrating my existence and life journey everyday on Terra Gaia Jacqueline!

March Rant

Hello and happy spring to all of you! Today marks the third year I have started blogging and it is the 13th anniversary of Lisa’s death. My how time fly’s and answers still remain elusive as the day she died. As I teeter on the edge I am beginning to realize that it has turned into a wonderful hike. I feel the cool air as I breath in the poison and I am surrounded by deciduous beings blasting out healing energy as I carry on. Two things spring to mind as some of the lessons I have learned, not only of Lisa’s death but for every death that followed hers, and there have been many. This is my flowing list;

My father, Uncle Eddy, Scott, Jenny, Heidi, Shadow, cousin Julie, Uncle Roger, Gwen, Ricky-lee, Rick, Barry, cousin Gloria, cousin George, Neighbors, work acquaintances, and now my Aunt Edna. I still feel like I am leaving someone out.

Firstly “TIME” does help with healing as I crawl my way back onto my path. I now walk with confidence that tomorrow is another day to deal with my emotions, which has become a daily process of acknowledging, receiving, feeling and releasing them. It is a very human problem to push them aside and hide them until we are forced to feel them again. I have learned it is better to get it over with and fill the void with LOVE. Let love in! Love of self, love of the memories, love for each moment I am living. Prayer & meditation have helped me and promising myself to live each day being as authentic and truthful to my journey helps keep me grounded.

Secondly, LOVE never fades for those we long to hold. Finding love, experiencing love and letting love go is the lesson we are here to experience. If love is the greatest feeling we can experience and fear the most profound opposite then I have learned my lessons. For to let love go one must conquer the fear and begin to live again. If we don’t, death will overcome our hearts and we will remain stagnant spiraling into non existence. Love is the answer to every question and the prize at the end of our journey. As I teeter on the edge of my journey I remind you to love your way and through TIME,

the future will prove the past!

Spring Forward,


What is spirituality?

Spirituality is the soul’s search for God. It is connecting the human form to a higher dimensional being.

God, creator, source, whatever you want to call him/her/them, says we are made in their image. Genesis 1:26 “Let us make man (male & female) in our image, after our likeness; let them have dominion over…” Genesis 1:27 “Male and female he created them.” and Genesis 2:7 “and man (we) became a living creature.”

What image is God talking about? I believe it is the image of LOVE. Love is the greatest force, energy and expectation that we are to strive towards as a living creature. This is why in Matthew 22:37 of the new testament, Jesus took the 10 commandments and brought them down to two, “Love God with all your heart, soul and mind, this is the first and greatest commandment.” The second being “Love your neighbor as yourself. All the law and the prophets land on these two commandments.” Love is the image of which we as male & female are sent forth to create and experience life.

Love is the fractal that resides in us that is the God, source, creator part. Spirituality is the soul’s search for our creator. Once realized, it reaffirms that we do not need a priest, pastor or guru to connect us to our creator. Once we realize we possess Love, we can connect to the God fractal within us thus connecting to God. Love comes in different forms. Self love is the gratefulness we feel for our bodies, our time and our breath each day. Love for others is the action we put into caring, supporting and relating to others and spirituality is the heavenly love for our creator. It is this connection that reminds us we are not alone.

As a fractal of God, we can reside and acknowledge our greater self, mission and tribe through our spiritual connections. This happens when we bring down the many forms of love into our heart & soul, thus raising our vibrations. It is through the vibration of love that the God outside of us connects to the God within us. This is also the process of manifestation and creation of our hearts desires. It is here in this bigger picture, that we strive to attain and exist, as we live each day being bombarded by the lower frequency energies.

John 4:24 – “God is spirit and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

If God is spirit we should be spiritual!

Sending LOVE to all of you,


How can you keep your vibration high when living in a challenging environment?

-By utilizing the natural cosmic flow of energies happening around you

-Moon charts – full moon in Leo this month

-Astrological Events – planets, nodes, trines, squares, conjunctions.  

– Seasons – Winter is a great time to work on releasing & refilling yourself

-Collective Events – Protests

-Removing negativity in thoughts, words & deeds and replacing them with positivity, encouragement and right action

– Concentrating on what is working among the Chaos – like people are awakening, rising and speaking up for themselves now.

On February 16th we will experience a “Full Moon in Leo

The full moon in Leo is giving us the tools to heal duality so only unity & love reign again. The full moon in Leo comes with healing energy and it gives us the opportunity to continue our inner work of synthesis, by working with our heart centers. Healing our heart centers and its wounds is the passage & triumph of love and unity.

We have the opportunity to balance both aspects of ourselves, the individualized one, incarnate on a human plane and the aspect of us that is one with all, bringing unity, unconditional love and assistance.

The 2/22/22 portal is another important event that will affect us all month. It is bringing in 6 &7th dimensional frequencies to help us align with who we are, in essence.

By expressing our heart, emotions and personal truths, we regain sovereignty and full charge of our lives.  It is pivotal we are firm in who we are and our personal truth. Rather than keeping things inside, we begin to break free from our own limitations, moving forward in integrity.

This Leo Moon is highly influenced by all of the astrology around it (Leo its self, sun in Aquarius, conjunction of mars in Capricorn trine Uranus, Venus etc…)

This is a time of profound restoration and purification, higher creativity and connection with the illumined realms.

Work with the violet flame, remain centered and concentrate on the Love that you are.

With infinite Love, I am


Truckers Uniting Canadians

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From coast to coast we are creating a revolution, standing together with the main goal of taking back our Charter of Rights & Freedoms! This is history in the making.

It is not about those that chose to take the Jab and those that did not. It is about having the choice in the first place. Look around Canadians we love our land, our rights and our freedoms. Do not concede to give them away to those we entrusted to have our best interests. The last two years should show you they do not care about you, they desire only your compliance. Do not give your power away anymore! By standing together, we can Co-create a better Canada, one that is for the people and by the people. The real power is within each of you moving forward in Peace, Love and Unity.

In Unity,


Life’s Natural Rhythm

Slow down and listen to your own natural rhythm. As human beings we are all guided by the rising and setting sun, changes in temperature, time to eat, sleep and be active. While our minds throughout the day stay focused on other pursuits, our breath and heartbeats are there to remind us to connect with our own natural internal rhythms. Today on my walk I was reminded to feel my emotions, silence my mind and listen to my breath and heartbeat as I immersed myself in nature. It was here my soul connected and I was one with all.

Wholeness Tribe,


Teetering on 2022

I don’t know about you guys but I have had one hell of a 2021. A year full of changes! There are times I sit and wonder how much I have accomplished in one year and then there are times I feel I have not done enough. This past year has inspired me, challenged me, led me down paths untraveled and brought me to my knees praying for answers. Yet I found peace among chaos, truths among lies and purpose among the hopium. Take time to release all that does not serve you, replace all that is missing in your life and find balance as you stand for humanity this year. Take time to write a resolution that fits your heart beat, that stands for who you are at the core of your being and always teeter towards the side that will tip the scale in your favour! I surround you with Love & Light.

My 2022 Resolution:


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The Ripple of Inspiration

Hello Beautiful Souls. I find myself at the cross roads of my annual contemplation of all that has come and all that is to be manifested in the new year. As I write holiday cards, connecting to family, friends and acquaintances, make holiday celebratory plans and sit in silence, I am amazed. I am amazed mentally, emotionally and spiritually for what we have all endured this year. I always have the bigger picture as my zero point and so I do not allow others to move me. I have the ability to allow others to live their lives, making their own choices freely, knowing I chose differently. This is freedom, rights and sovereignty. Each of us creating our own experiences for this lifetime. Let us not forget that hate, separation and disharmony are of the negative ruling factions and Love, Peace and Inclusion are of the positive factions. Putting on the amour of love does not take you out of the battle, it allows you to stand firm, as a light post, directing others to you, shielded by the negative weapons thrown at you. It has now been two years of mental and emotional trauma, humanity brought to their knees, not even knowing who or what has been directing them to this turning point. During this holiday season, keep your hearts open to the greatest possibilities. Let Love Lead you. Holidays can be a time where old memories, childhood experiences and past Christmas traditions, both negative and positive, can resurface. Focus on the path ahead now and where you want to go. We are at another turning point in our lives. You may have been feeling stuck, in a holding pattern, waiting things out. Ask yourself “What have you learned this year?” Reflect on all of your experiences. It’s time to SHIFT, to look at things from a new vantage point. I encourage you to Go Bigger, Go higher, beyond this moment in time, in fact Go beyond this life time! Look at where you have been and decide where it is you want to go next. Stay the course or go forward into a new reality, with new potentials and new possibilities?

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I encourage you to reflect on the bigger story here to understand what you have been moving through to see it in a more supportive and empowering way in understanding who you are. Shift it up into new light which better honors your own healing. Let your hearts be open to allow healing.

We are in a spiritual battle. A spiritual battle where I have your back. I will always have a door opened for you. A door that leads to the Healing of Humanity. As my ripple of inspiration heads towards the shore, there is really only one question you need to ask of yourself. “What would love Do?”

In Unity & Peace,


Avoid being Triggered

It’s the Holiday Season and we have family & friends to visit but there seems to be only one topic of conversation. Yes Vaxed or Unvaxed! Just another way to divide us and separate us from the one thing we all desire, LOVE.

Let love guide you through this holiday season by building strong boundaries now.


With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to make sure we are setting healthy boundaries for ourselves and our families.

What are Personal Boundaries?

Boundaries should be based on your values, or the things that are most important to you. Your boundaries are yours and yours alone. Many of your boundaries might align with those who are close to you, but others will be unique. Know your boundaries before entering a situation. This will make it less likely you’ll do something you’re not comfortable with.

  • It can be a decision about what is acceptable or not acceptable.
  • It is when you can say NO to others.

What to say:

  • I’m not comfortable with this
  • I can’t do that for you
  • This is not acceptable
  • Please don’t do that
  • This doesn’t work for me
  • I’m drawing the line at ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­———-
  • Not at this time
  • I’ve decided not to
  • I don’t want to do that

What to do:

Use confident body language – Face the other person, make eye contact, and use a steady tone of voice at an appropriate volume. (Not too quiet, and not too loud).

Plan Ahead- Think about what you want to say, and how you will say it, before entering a difficult discussion. This can help you feel more confident about your position.

Be Respectful – Avoid yelling, using put-downs, or giving the silent treatment. It’s okay to be firm, but your message will be better received if you are respectful.

Compromise – When appropriate, listen and consider the needs of the other person. You never have to compromise, but give and take is part of any healthy relationship.

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