Why poetry?

Poetry is a literary tool used to teach us about ourselves, others & our world. It is the backdrop to the dramatic art of listening, another tool lost like a book of table setting etiquette.

In Chinese poetry the image is usually clear. The poet is content on letting nature be its own beauty and not be depended upon man for its value. The poets eye not his spiritual doctrine is visual.

Prior to the republic in China, for centuries it was obligatory for all civil servants to demonstrate, by examination, their ability to write a poem. A proof of literacy.

In today’s world, poetry and its varied topics can fuel our love, hatred, and tolerance limits. It can connect us to our emotions, nature and belief systems.

Poetry infects us with empathy. It has the ability to reach deep within us like the oxygen we breathe, stirring our beating heart and it can teeter us on the edge! Poetry is the light that invites us to listen, read and compare our lives to others, exhaling our ignorance, judgements and fears.

For me the question is not “Why Poetry”? But why are you not reading or writing poetry?

Can your eyes see the need for deep passionate verse connections, mentally emitting frequencies while I’m breathing out poems so you can inhale them?