What’s in your “NOW” moment?

Hola Happy traveler’s

For those of you that know me, I am a big proponent of “ positive thoughts = a positive mind = a positive life”. In fact I have this on the wall in my office, reminding me that what I think directly affects my life!

As I awaken in this life journey I find myself resonating in higher frequencies of joy and bliss. I seek them wherever I am. I desire them because they affect me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I had the opportunity to experience joy and bliss this winter as I vacationed for a month in Melaque Mexico. It was a vacation that connected me to the heart of the Mexican people who resided in this village. They are a hard working, family oriented culture that live by a set of values that included gratitude & joy. Even though they are poor compared to our Canadian standards, they are committed to their ancestral Mayan ties to community and human survival.

The countryside is tough, firm and fertile, pushing up fruits and vegetables as gems from beneath their ancient soil. The mountains surrounding the village are tall pillars protecting them from wayward winds. They beckoned me to climb them often as a morning ritual of sacred surrender, offering magnificent views as I sat in meditation, with a grateful heart! The beautiful mountains opened up a portal within me that enabled me to write many grateful poems that month!

Oh and did I mention the sky? A perfect pallet of blues! No clouds, no floating forms of mass grey domes! No Chem trails polluting and marking an X where the next big storm will appear! Just pure unadulterated sexy pale blue. After my 1 hour of mountain hiking I would then walk the endless beach, wrapping the sexy sky around my bodacious body as I felt the days warmth enveloping me!

The waves of the Pacific Ocean mesmerized me! I enjoyed sitting at “Garcia’s beach pub” drinking beer & margarita’s wondering how to bring all of this home!

I felt joy & bliss daily in Mexico and I allowed myself to receive the many blessings that come when you open up your mind to allow & receive love in all forms. I fell in love with a culture, a mountain range, an ocean, and I felt the bliss from the earth as the wind, warmth and beauty spoke to me!

These valiant vibes came home with me. They are now a part of my life that desires a higher standard of living! They come forth on days where I cannot find the sun amongst the dark grey sky, feel the love of my community, or when I feel alone at home by myself! These valiant vibes come forth to remind me to think about them, desire them and allow them to spring up into my now moment. They remind me that “ positive thoughts = a positive mind = a positive life”

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I am that I am, a way shower, a light, leader of many who follow, a poet and a person who just cares about the plight of humanity.

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