Richard Wagamese

I am a greathearted fan of Richard Wagamese’s writing. I feel a kinship with his soul and his words. He apparently left behind a manuscript he had been working on before his death in 2017 called One Drum.

Even though I have Metis ties through my maternal bloodline I was raised with the Christian worldview. As I journey, I find myself drawn to books about native beliefs. Beliefs that talk about The Great Spirit, Star People (aliens), Hopi Prophecy, The Red Road, and the 7 sacred Grandfather Teachings. The 7 sacred lessons were passed down so that we may live our best lives without conflict or contradiction. They were assigned a spirit animal and are as follows:

1. HUMILITY – WOLF – wolves lived in packs and to survive they had to work together. Find balance in life knowing you are a sacred part of creation.

2. BRAVERY – BEAR – bears have courage and strength while finding balance with rest-survival-play. It reminds us to face our fears and to stand up for ourselves.

3. HONESTY – RAVEN – the raven stands for acceptance of yourself and what you have. Be true to yourself and use the gifts that are given to you.

4. WISDOM – BEAVER – beavers are known to alter their environment to benefit themselves. Observe and learn wisdom through your surroundings.

5. TRUTH – TURTLE – the turtle carries wisdom on his back. Understand your place in life, be true to yourself & others. Life is not a destination but a journey.

6. RESPECT – BUFFALO – the buffalo stands for balance and the needs of others. Honour and respect all living things, don’t waste, be mindful and live by the Golden Rule Principal.

7. LOVE – EAGLE – love is the core lesson. You must live by all the previous lessons before love. The eagle has the strength to carry all the teachings. He sees all the ways of being. Love yourself truly and be at peace with all things on earth.

I do not consider myself a shaman but of one who is on the path of a seeker. A path my soul calls forth for understanding. What I have learned so far is that we need to foster harmony and peace among the human tribe. We have to accept we are one spirit living out different versions of the same journey.

I know I am not alone on this path

I know we are “one beating drum”!

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Jake the poet

I am that I am, a way shower, a light, leader of many who follow, a poet and a person who just cares about the plight of humanity.

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