February update:

Wow I can’t believe the month went by so fast so I will keep this update short.

I’m still editing my seasonal nature poem book

I love the book cover that the graphic designer from Calgary created for me.

Her website is heatherbrewster.com

I have read 14/37 books so far since January.

On February 21,22,23 I attended an Edgar Cayce spiritual retreat in Niagara Falls Ontario. I have been interested in EC since my teenage years. I’m now 58. My mother introduced me to his books. She was interested in the natural healing remedies. I now have 5 of his books and will invest in more in the future.

This was the first event of it’s kind I have attended and my already high expectations were met with reciprocity. The retreat was well organized and had a balance between meals, social time, seminars, labyrinth, meditations, and healing ceremonies.

Some of the lectures I attended were:

– Accessing your intuition through dreams & symbolism.

– Angels, guides and the afterlife.

– Major earth changes.

– Your soul growth.

– Edgar Cayce on Shamanism

Thank you to organizers, staff & volunteers who made this happen. Thanks to Anthony Barr who led an early morning drum circle as the sun was coming up over the Niagara River! It was cold but well worth it! Another thanks to my new friends from Philadelphia. It’s amazing how common interests can create instant friendships! We will talk soon.

Feel free to check out http://www.antonialau.org she is a master psychic, mentor, author, and metaphysical teacher of 50 yrs.

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I am that I am, a way shower, a light, leader of many who follow, a poet and a person who just cares about the plight of humanity.

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