I am a divine soul of female gender. Mother, daughter, woman. Planted here to awaken myself from the controlled sleepy reality we live in. We are all veiled with falsehoods. Lies told to protect us. This I question, hence my awakening. I do not need protection from you! I am an Earth Warrior, my protection comes from above or should I say the spiritual world. Earth is my school, my oasis, my prison. Each day I dress for battle. May I remind you it is a battle that has already been won, it just requires our observance and a little role playing. As we rise in our sovereignty and fight the darkness within and outside of us, more people will awaken to the truth of who they are. Divine light souls will emerge and I will remind them, as they dress for battle too, to put on the “Full Amour of God” so that you can take your stand against the evil ones. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood (fellow humans) but against the rulers, authorities and powers of this dark world (humans taken over by evil ones) as well as the spiritual evil forces in the heavenly realms (malevolent extraterrestrial beings).

Ephesians 6:11-18

The question to be answered by each of us as we teeter on the edge of a new world order is Who are you?

Published by

Jake the poet

I am that I am, a way shower, a light, leader of many who follow, a poet and a person who just cares about the plight of humanity.

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