2022 Poetry

I am starting this year with YIN POETRY. During December I committed to getting up early and writing from my heart. A concept taught to me by Vanessa Shields (www.gertrudeswritingrooom.com) who had a few online gatherings on how to write YIN Poetry. My experience with writing before the sun rises started with “oh no I don’t think I like this!” to “I do need a different way to rise each day”. The idea of starting each morning with my heart was truly the most compassionate thing I have done lately for myself. My suggestion is to give it a try, if all else fails you can always do the leftover dishes in the sink.

My Path

I speak up as one among the many

 willing and able

to rise above the journey

Using my heartfelt desires,

to unite humanity.

I write through waves of confusion, trauma, and pain

hoping to find a better place within.

My voice speaks to hearts

Gently peeling away the puzzle pieces

with a goal to finish the game.

Coming together by finding ourselves.

Only then we will be able to see

The one beautiful image we are. 

Poem prompts

Blissed rays falling


enticing freckles


lying in surrender

to an invisible G-d



Published by

Jake the poet

I am that I am, a way shower, a light, leader of many who follow, a poet and a person who just cares about the plight of humanity.

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