Photo by Jacqueline Denis

Every year we set aside a day to acknowledge our Earth. I have questions regarding this! The Earth means many things to many people. How one perceives it is how they interact with their world. To start the conversation off, What does the Earth mean to you? Is it just the planet we live on? and who gave it the name Earth? Is that its real name? If it’s just a planet to you, why is it we cannot get off of it? Why are only rich astronauts and air force personnel allowed to leave? Why do I feel like secrets surround our beautiful 3rd rock from the sun? How are you celebrating our planet on Earth Day?

Do you have a different perspective? Do you value the soil, dirt, ground, or land you stand on? Is it the clay or mixture of sediment. The compost of centuries rotting beneath your feet; one upon the other, waiting to be un-earthed and discovered, that has meaning? How will you be celebrating the soil on Earth Day?

Or is it the oceans of fresh waters beneath, hidden not being utilized or discussed that lies the importance of celebrating a day a year? after all is there really a water crisis then? How will the waters rise and be released from it’s caverns on Earth Day?

What do you value about Earth Day? Our language even gives it a negative connotation according to the dictionary. To be Earthy is to be mundane, terrestrial, and implies a contrast to that which is heavenly. To be un-earthed is to be celestial, spiritual, divine, or heavenly. Oh the value we place in naming things, sacred words imparted throughout our society. Even this article can be perceived as becoming Earthy, lusty, rough, unrefined, crude to even be discussed on Earth Day!

For me I will be going for a walk in my forest, praying and celebrating nature, while leaving footprints upon the soil I trod. I will be releasing prayers and affirmations for the beauty I find. I will dream of escaping and flying into outer space to get a better view of humanity, and I will honor and respect the words I choose while celebrating my existence and life journey everyday on Terra Gaia Jacqueline!

Published by

Jake the poet

I am that I am, a way shower, a light, leader of many who follow, a poet and a person who just cares about the plight of humanity.

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