The Calling of the Cardinal

Birds have always been my totem, my sign from the spirit world. I resonate with others who feel this calling too. Birders, wonderful people connected to nature.

While in nature, I love seeing the variety of feathered friends as I walk a trail, kayak on my lake or sit in my yard.

After moving to Northern Ontario Canada from Southern Canada, I noticed the absence of birds. I was used to seeing many different species of migrating birds during spring and fall. Now living in the North, I feel a loss. I was under the assumption birds lived everywhere, that they adapted to survive the most extreme, remote and barren lands. What I have since learned is that most bird rich regions are those zones that cover the tropical and equatorial areas of the world. The more North you go the less birds. Speaking of bird free zones, I learned if breeding species alone is counted, Vatican City has the fewest according to Stephen Moss’s book the Birder’s Companion. Does this surprize me? Not sure.

My sense of loss led me to consult the many bird books I have shelved as I began to notice new species landing in glee in my front yard. Varieties committed to the forest and northern seasons. Some returning, some escaping. Species like, Snow geese, eagles, loons, barrow’s golden eye, pine grosbeaks, common redpolls, and pine siskins. I know, you birder’s are going to say, “they are not new” but they are to me a beginner birder. Unfortunately, my Cardinals are not here. My cardinals who used to bring me news regarding my spiritual journey, reminding me to stay the course and keep co-creating my future. Cardinals who mostly reminded me of the present “Now” moment and its importance to me.

How do I call the Cardinal? I have called the cardinal mine, my bird, my tether to the universe. That silvery unseen cord that vibrates from heaven and I receiving wisdom, guidance and messages from beyond, through the heart of the delicate Cardinalidae.

The Cardinal was my angelic surprise as a blast of colour is seen when they whistle in spring establishing territory. They were abundant where I used to live but they are not here and my loneliness increases. Apparently, there is a line drawn that the cardinals cannot pass. A northern boundary where none shall pass. Where are the brave ones? The birds who like myself, break all boundaries and create what is wanted!  I have been patiently waiting while seeking their presence.

            I love how nature; animals, birds and trees respond to spirit moving through them, and how they reach out to connect with humanity. Even their presence is a message. On many hikes I often felt the presence of spirit while walking through the forest and took pictures of trees. One day I will publish a book on these pictures and the messages I received. Other times animals would appear, like the fox that stood outside my kitchen window and demanded my attention. Although it has always been the birds that kept wise council with me. The Raven/Crows have called me since childhood. Did you know the Raven is the first bird mentioned in the Bible. In the 8th chapter of the book of Genesis “and he (Noah)sent forth a raven, which went to and fro, until the waters were dried up from off the earth” There are between 25-40 different kinds of birds mentioned in the bible.

            We often don’t recognize the importance of connecting to nature for our survival, both mentally and physically. Nature is here to support humanity. I am just learning this lesson on my spiritual journey.

It is summer now and I still dedicate time to call the cardinals. I watch the woodland edge of the forest that surrounds my property. I know the undergrowth, thickets and berry bushes will attract them. I will plant sunflowers to entice them, after all the sapsuckers have already drilled their holes so the cardinal’s elixir awaits.

For now, I send out thoughts and prayers thanking and welcoming all birds. My hearts desire is to speak to those, in spirit, who have been a part of my journey. I wait for the cardinals in this new nest of mine because to see them is to feel my loved ones have followed me here too. That they are resting in my nest. I sit and watch through windowpane as the sun sparkles off the lake and the blue sky is reflected back at me. Energizing as the gentle breeze crests and falls and spirit moves through me.  

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Jake the poet

I am that I am, a way shower, a light, leader of many who follow, a poet and a person who just cares about the plight of humanity.

One thought on “The Calling of the Cardinal”

  1. I didn’t realize you are just past the northern edge of the Cardinal’s range. I hope you get a red-feathered visitor! Nice to read you are learning more about birds and noticing the species of the north. Birds are such fascinating and wonderful creatures 😊


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