Creating You in a World of change

There comes a moment in our lives where we can go insane worrying about who we are in a changing world or surrender to the fact that although we are connected as humanity, each of us is experiencing life with our own perspective. Surrendering to this fact can help us develop empathy, compassion and a space for grace.

Deep within us lies the need to surround ourselves with others who think like we do, believe what we believe, dress, act, eat and play like we do. This actually limits and separates us from others. Gone are the debates, conversations and agreements to disagree. We rarely even look others in the eyes or care about their soul presence anymore. By soul presence I mean when is the last time you questioned “Who is this person in my life and what do they want to accomplish during their life journey?” “Can I help them even though it doesn’t interest me?” With our heads buried deep in the software and technology of the future many seek answers that others give them, or fall victim to accepting and complying with someone who says they have your best interest. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, pharmaceutical companies, spouses, the list goes on.

In reality creating you in a world of change demands we bring it home to our own hearts and surrender to the realization that; You are the only being on this planet that knows what you need, You have your own best interest, You can make your own decisions, find your own answers and only You can create the present and future that best serves you! It’s time to step up to your uniqueness.

There are two pillars to which we create and I believe they are Love & Hope. The first involves Love for all we thought we knew, ways in which we patterned our lives and love for the moments we recognized our need for joy & happiness. Our intensions for understanding our need for love in our lives is not selfish, it is filling our cup so we may move forward to help and support others. Love involves forgiving ourselves and others while continuing down our paths. The second pillar is Hope. Hope is the glue that binds our desires to their creation, our spirits to our minds and bodies, and our uniqueness to a shared vison with others. Hope is being seen in a crowd, heard under the ocean, and felt with someone’s heart, especially in times of conflict and worldly change. As society shifts people will be for us or against us. It is their fear that may lead them. Fear causes separation. It is your role to understand Fear is the evil we fight against, not our brothers & sisters. Fear is the force that has held us in control our whole lives and it is the force that needs to be obliterated! Once we surrender to love in our hearts for our fellow humans, fear dissolves. It melts away and it can not come back without invitation. Fear is a choice just like love and it is my hope that you understand this as you teeter on the edge of your human transformation. Your new life, new journey, begins with a step towards what you really want for yourself, your family, your world. I am here to remind you we can co-create anything and everything with love in our hearts and hope in each step we take.

Namaste Tribe,


Published by

Jake the poet

I am that I am, a way shower, a light, leader of many who follow, a poet and a person who just cares about the plight of humanity.

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