Don’t let Drama turn to Trauma

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If I were to tell you it may take 2-10 years to work through the chaos resulting from this pandemic, how would that make you feel? Would it cause fear or anger and if so where in your body would you feel it? We hold emotions within our body and where it hurts is directly related to a held emotion.

Our 7 chakra’s are connected to different organs, systems and cells. There is a connection between what we think and how we feel. Clearing and stabilizing your 7 chakra’s helps to strengthen and heal you.

The truth is the human population is a highly traumatized population and trauma sometimes comes down through generations and reincarnations. As we awaken we will be faced with truths that we may not even want to hear. Truths that have been covered and hidden from us. Truths that may reveal the evil, fraud, control, slavery and abuse from the highest people within our Governments, religious, financial, entertainment, and educational systems. Abuses towards women, men and children, we never thought possible. Remember it is better to know the truth and move forward then to look the other way.

WE, humanity, are in a huge collective healing right now and your contribution begins with taking responsibility for your own healing. By doing the work and stabilizing yourself you will be able to stand firm through the trauma and not get caught up in all the drama.

Photo by Markus Spiske on

We do the work by:

A. Raising our vibrations – refer to my prior article for 10 ways to raise your vibrations.

B. Standing in your own Autonomy & Sovereignty – when faced with family or friends who may want you to agree with their perspectives or they will feel rejected, stand firm. You may have to agree to disagree with others dis-information and stand firm in what YOU believe. Love them anyway but commit to your beliefs and live by them.

C. Develop a higher mindset – Even though we may not know what the future holds, that’s OK . Live your life knowing what kind of world you do want to live in and pray for that to manifest on earth. Resist anything that does not resonate with you, and let it go lovingly, knowing sometimes we need to see the dark shadow side to know where the light is coming from.

D. Let go of external authorities – Be your own sovereign self. Use your sense of discernment wisely. Rebuild your internal supports like prayer, meditation, or connecting to the higher spiritual realms. Don’t think too much about what others say about you, be careful who you give your power to. You are a great soul on the journey of a lifetime, so don’t resist your own evolution you are here to learn!

E.Another way to contribute to your own healing while helping the collective heal is to learn how to stabilize yourself.

-don’t get caught up in the drama if you see or hear something that bothers you. Try to bring yourself into a neutral state.

-we achieve neutrality by grounding ourselves to the earth and connecting to the zero point energy field within us.

-your zero point is located in your heart chakra

-it is the centre of your being where only love exists (being love & self love)

-hold steady to this calm

When the drama rises, alleviate any negative physical symptoms, stabilize yourself and continue to work on your healing so the drama doesn’t turn to trauma.