It was in October of 2016 that I decided to retire. My girlfriend, a world traveller, decided we needed to take a trip. We booked a 16 day Mediterranean cruise for the following April 2017. It took alot of coaxing to convince me to go on a cruise ship because I’m a “keep my feet on the ground kinda girl”. But in hindsight, It was the best trip I have ever been on. Surprisingly, Italy was my favourite country followed by Spain, Greece & Malta.

Lunch in Santorini Greece
Oia Greece

In February 2019 we were invited by my brother-inlaw Doug and his wife Laurie to join them in Malaque, Mexico. We went down for 4 weeks and enjoyed a cultural vacation. We immensed ourselves in a quaint mexican town and ate and drink the local food & beverages. These pictures were taken from our mountain hikes. The Pacific Ocean was amazingly beautiful beyond words.

These mountain ranges in the Myan past used to connect but have withered from winds and waves.

Malaque Mexico from the mountain top. A quaint fishing village, poor but full of culture and mexican charm.

Barr Navidad, Mexico

The Pacific Ocean has a powerful undertow here. The sand can be sucked out from right under your feet as you stop and gaze as the majestic ocean!


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