The 1,2,3’s of Leveling Up

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On my journey I have said and done many stupid, judgmental, unkind things, all for the sake of finding love and acceptance. That’s OK! I did not become stagnant, hiding in self loathing, blanketing myself in guilt, knowing what I did was wrong. I forgave myself and others and moved forward trying not to repeat patterns. Especially patterns that were not healthy or wise for me. My journey consists of solving MY OWN karma, growing spiritually and finding better ways of being human.

Coming to the recognition that your life is a journey is the first step in leveling up. What I know of journey’s I relate to hiking. My favourite passion. Hiking can be anywhere, any country, any place. It can be a paved path, a dirt trail, a direction, or a dream. Paths can be straight, curved, unkindly going upwards, or silently flowing downwards. They can involve parachuting the sky, hiking a live volcano, walking in a forest or meandering a waterway by kayak. Our life journey’s are as varied as each of us here living one. Recognizing this and allowing for the surprises and challenges that come with each path we take, is part of leveling up as a human.

The second step to leveling up is to allow yourself to learn the lessons that flow from the challenges we face. It’s OK to not succeed, to fail, to have to re-do or retreat at times. Lessons are only lessons and mile markers that should encourage you to think differently about how you are dealing with a situation or person. As an Aries I have had a life of lessons dealing with how I approach things by banging my head against a wall, over and over again, getting nowhere. It wasn’t until I surrendered and looked at things with a bigger perspective, that I noticed a change in my life. I recognized the negative patterns I was developing, the limited beliefs I had, the ways I wasn’t manifesting my true hearts desires. My mile markers were the divorces I had to endure in order to learn I did not need to look for love and acceptance outside of myself. My inward search allowed me to recognize who I was, why I am here and how I need to move forward accomplishing my goals and desires. I have learned I have within me all I need. I create my own life. I am who I am! I recognize now all my stupid, judgmental, unkind days while growing up, lack in comparison to all the wonderful, encouraging, kind, non-judgmental acts I continue to perform each day. I see myself as a divine being, whole, not above or below anyone else. You cannot control or manipulate me because I make my own decisions and choices that benefit me. By going within, getting rid of negative patterns, limited beliefs and recognizing who and what you are, you will be able to see we are all wanting love and acceptance in our lives.

The third stage of leveling up along your journey is to understand the importance of forgiveness and it’s role in your life. Allowing forgiveness into your heart to melt away all anger, traumas, or blocks that may prevent you from moving forward in love as a human being. Forgiveness is asked for by apologizing and it is given with a desire for a better relationship. Forgiveness has no expectations or rules. Forgiveness is the key to everything. It is the key I hand you and the key you pass on to others.

By going within you will find what you lack, why you lack it and how to fill it. Allowing life lessons to lead and direct you is another step up. Lastly, we are all gatekeepers and its up to you to open the door for others to heal.

After-all, I hate nothing about you!

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