Walking with a poets eye

I’m feeling stiff and need a walk, the sun is gleaming and the wind is faint. Song birds wrestle against the spring roar of the waterfall. The hill in my driveway is my first challenge. It is saturated beneath my feet from recent rains.

The firs, cedars and pines bouquet fume the forest. I drink the intoxicating smell. How many times can I walk the same path and still see new life? Grouse and birds scatter, pecking stone and earth. a feathery flustered day. I stop and face the sun, allowing it to enter my space, so warming, healing. I carry on feeling energized.

As my path narrows I see my friend the crow, still dead beneath the fir tree. I placed him there after a nasty car encounter. I memorialized him by plucking some feathers off his bones and placed the feathers on my animal alter at home. I miss his caws. I, like the birds feel free to pick and peck at the garbage thrown from windows, a hasty retrieval to bag and dispose.

As I march I mark time at the Artesian well that springs forth down the mountain, carving new waterways to the inland lake receiving in the valley. The soothing sound echoes against the rocks in its path and bubbles appear then float away. My hike circles around pussy willows bursting the branch, a sure sign of spring. The rock-cut blasted is fractured and falling. Vertical lines like an abstract work of art remind me of human veins. Yes natures art created by human hands.

Now I am mountain climbing. Lichen and moss growing over the incline make it slippery as I plant each foot slowly. Standing tall, queen of the hill, I notice the sky is full of dragon clouds. Spiney outlines, surrounding and protecting, floating ribs of transparency. I imagine one of them is mine and send telepathic messages calling her down. Oh what an imagination conspiring when walking with a poets eye!

Take The Challenge:

On your next walk write down all the things you see, hear, feel or sense. Be present, be creative. Walk connecting yourself to nature and to your imagination. Please leave me a comment below if you accepted the challenge and walked with a poets eye.

Namaste Tribe, Jacqueline



Leading a balanced life means finding a way to enjoy your hobbies, family life, work and your inner spiritual needs.  This is a never-ending process that requires you to re-assess your values, priorities, and personal growth.  Often times it means learning from your mistakes and learning how to flow with a new mindset.

Finding balance involves your Internal vs External needs, knowing the difference between them and addressing each of them separately.

External Balance refers to:


  • Work goals, enjoyment, work relationships and time spent doing work.
  • Saying “NO” without regret is important for your work balance. Trim where you can, delegate others to help you and use technology like Business Apps to help you organize your work load.
  • Turn it off “Disconnect” on days you are not working or hours before bedtime.


  • Nurturing, satisfying and socializing are important to finding balanced work friendships.
  • Reflect each day on how you are experiencing them.
  • Journaling can help reveal work-life patterns that may need to be adjusted.
  • When is the last time you had a deep moving conversation with your friends, partner or family?

Internal Balance refers to:


  • Keep your thought process positive.
  • Meditate to silence and ground yourself, there are many ways to stop and focus inward each day.
  • Spend time alone from the hustle & bustle of daily life.


  • Insert physical activities into your day. Even a short walk helps.
  • Add Joy or fun to an activity. This helps release endorphins, serotonin and dopamine.
  • Develop healthy eating habits
  • Explore your world – travel


  • Prioritize “Me Time” say yes to yourself without resentment.
  • Turn off social media and Tune In.
  • Allow all emotions to flow in & out of yourself without judgement.
  • Treat Yourself
  • Expand your awareness of all things, be a avid student in search of knowledge.

Creating balance in life is knowing what is important to you and what is not. Creating a well-balanced life is crucial for your health, happiness and well being so that you can live your best life!

By Jacqueline Denis


The greatest moral challenge of our time is our flawed conception of morality. The way we think and talk about morality stifles our ability to engage in views other than our own, making managing diversity and disagreement harder. It also locks us into thinking patterns that produce more suffering and unrest than they solve.

Right/wrong, male/female, life/death issues are subjective. it is down to each of us to figure out the correct interpretation of these issues.

Morality is a cultural tool that we humans set up to live and work together in social situations. Interests may vary but we all want to provide for ourselves and loved ones, avoid suffering and hardship and pursue pleasurable and fulfilling experiences.

Morality should be created with the premise, what is good for me , should be good for everyone and vice versa. Morality should be less about proving your view and more about tolerance and negotiation of all people, communities and cultures. It should be less dogmatic and more adaptable. Morality should answer questions and solve problems.

While we are teetering on the edge of our greatest moral challenges, we should envelop patience. Patience will allow us to see the lessons in our own life stories and teach us how to behave in the world. Patience will also align us with our authentic, honest and truthful self; which will in turn direct us forward to the process and justice of morality.

These are chaotic times and it is critical to listen to your heart and trust your inner guidance. Your light is needed in the world!

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on Pexels.com

The Power of knowing the “Why”

Motives drive our intentions and so it is only logical that the two are fused by design. It’s great to have goals, dreams or aspirations to move us forward on our journey but it is more powerful and important to know the “Why”. The “Why” brings clarity and is the key to fulfillment. The “Why” is our thread to our subconscious, the root to going within. Why do we think this way? act this way? desire this or need that? These questions bring us closer to knowing who we really are and they become the basis to the values and morals we set up as our individuality.

Now is a great time for introspection. When you ask yourself, why am I feeling like this? saying that? or being triggered by something or someone else? the answers may be surprising and self healing as to what they tell you about yourself.

Developing clear motives will help you define your path and life experiences. Knowing when and why to think, feel and act will be like a magnet for miracles to happen. Clearly defined motives driving your intentions is the Law of Attraction that will create the potential for growth in your life.

In the end life is all about being loved. A deeper understanding of your needs could be your next miracle. The “Why” is the buried treasure within you and it’s time to do a little digging. The “Why” will bring you closer to the happiness you seek!

In Unity while uncovering deep truths,


March Rant

Hello and happy spring to all of you! Today marks the third year I have started blogging and it is the 13th anniversary of Lisa’s death. My how time fly’s and answers still remain elusive as the day she died. As I teeter on the edge I am beginning to realize that it has turned into a wonderful hike. I feel the cool air as I breath in the poison and I am surrounded by deciduous beings blasting out healing energy as I carry on. Two things spring to mind as some of the lessons I have learned, not only of Lisa’s death but for every death that followed hers, and there have been many. This is my flowing list;

My father, Uncle Eddy, Scott, Jenny, Heidi, Shadow, cousin Julie, Uncle Roger, Gwen, Ricky-lee, Rick, Barry, cousin Gloria, cousin George, Neighbors, work acquaintances, and now my Aunt Edna. I still feel like I am leaving someone out.

Firstly “TIME” does help with healing as I crawl my way back onto my path. I now walk with confidence that tomorrow is another day to deal with my emotions, which has become a daily process of acknowledging, receiving, feeling and releasing them. It is a very human problem to push them aside and hide them until we are forced to feel them again. I have learned it is better to get it over with and fill the void with LOVE. Let love in! Love of self, love of the memories, love for each moment I am living. Prayer & meditation have helped me and promising myself to live each day being as authentic and truthful to my journey helps keep me grounded.

Secondly, LOVE never fades for those we long to hold. Finding love, experiencing love and letting love go is the lesson we are here to experience. If love is the greatest feeling we can experience and fear the most profound opposite then I have learned my lessons. For to let love go one must conquer the fear and begin to live again. If we don’t, death will overcome our hearts and we will remain stagnant spiraling into non existence. Love is the answer to every question and the prize at the end of our journey. As I teeter on the edge of my journey I remind you to love your way and through TIME,

the future will prove the past!

Spring Forward,


Rapid Fire Writing

This type of writing is pulled from the page as someone reads a quick story or series of words gathered. It is up to the poet to arrange the words or sentences into a free style poem. Here is my latest rapid fire poem.

The Golden light within us needs to come forth

Rise and speak your truth

Upon waking I have to leave the sanctuary that blankets me

Hide from those until there is no more blackness walking about

Listen to our native ancestors who legends need storytelling

Wrapped in laws, surrounded by the chill of steel

Where is there fairness among soap peddlers? While washing our sins away

By Jacqueline Denis

The Ripple of Inspiration

Hello Beautiful Souls. I find myself at the cross roads of my annual contemplation of all that has come and all that is to be manifested in the new year. As I write holiday cards, connecting to family, friends and acquaintances, make holiday celebratory plans and sit in silence, I am amazed. I am amazed mentally, emotionally and spiritually for what we have all endured this year. I always have the bigger picture as my zero point and so I do not allow others to move me. I have the ability to allow others to live their lives, making their own choices freely, knowing I chose differently. This is freedom, rights and sovereignty. Each of us creating our own experiences for this lifetime. Let us not forget that hate, separation and disharmony are of the negative ruling factions and Love, Peace and Inclusion are of the positive factions. Putting on the amour of love does not take you out of the battle, it allows you to stand firm, as a light post, directing others to you, shielded by the negative weapons thrown at you. It has now been two years of mental and emotional trauma, humanity brought to their knees, not even knowing who or what has been directing them to this turning point. During this holiday season, keep your hearts open to the greatest possibilities. Let Love Lead you. Holidays can be a time where old memories, childhood experiences and past Christmas traditions, both negative and positive, can resurface. Focus on the path ahead now and where you want to go. We are at another turning point in our lives. You may have been feeling stuck, in a holding pattern, waiting things out. Ask yourself “What have you learned this year?” Reflect on all of your experiences. It’s time to SHIFT, to look at things from a new vantage point. I encourage you to Go Bigger, Go higher, beyond this moment in time, in fact Go beyond this life time! Look at where you have been and decide where it is you want to go next. Stay the course or go forward into a new reality, with new potentials and new possibilities?

Photo by lilartsy on Pexels.com

I encourage you to reflect on the bigger story here to understand what you have been moving through to see it in a more supportive and empowering way in understanding who you are. Shift it up into new light which better honors your own healing. Let your hearts be open to allow healing.

We are in a spiritual battle. A spiritual battle where I have your back. I will always have a door opened for you. A door that leads to the Healing of Humanity. As my ripple of inspiration heads towards the shore, there is really only one question you need to ask of yourself. “What would love Do?”

In Unity & Peace,


The 1,2,3’s of Leveling Up

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

On my journey I have said and done many stupid, judgmental, unkind things, all for the sake of finding love and acceptance. That’s OK! I did not become stagnant, hiding in self loathing, blanketing myself in guilt, knowing what I did was wrong. I forgave myself and others and moved forward trying not to repeat patterns. Especially patterns that were not healthy or wise for me. My journey consists of solving MY OWN karma, growing spiritually and finding better ways of being human.

Coming to the recognition that your life is a journey is the first step in leveling up. What I know of journey’s I relate to hiking. My favourite passion. Hiking can be anywhere, any country, any place. It can be a paved path, a dirt trail, a direction, or a dream. Paths can be straight, curved, unkindly going upwards, or silently flowing downwards. They can involve parachuting the sky, hiking a live volcano, walking in a forest or meandering a waterway by kayak. Our life journey’s are as varied as each of us here living one. Recognizing this and allowing for the surprises and challenges that come with each path we take, is part of leveling up as a human.

The second step to leveling up is to allow yourself to learn the lessons that flow from the challenges we face. It’s OK to not succeed, to fail, to have to re-do or retreat at times. Lessons are only lessons and mile markers that should encourage you to think differently about how you are dealing with a situation or person. As an Aries I have had a life of lessons dealing with how I approach things by banging my head against a wall, over and over again, getting nowhere. It wasn’t until I surrendered and looked at things with a bigger perspective, that I noticed a change in my life. I recognized the negative patterns I was developing, the limited beliefs I had, the ways I wasn’t manifesting my true hearts desires. My mile markers were the divorces I had to endure in order to learn I did not need to look for love and acceptance outside of myself. My inward search allowed me to recognize who I was, why I am here and how I need to move forward accomplishing my goals and desires. I have learned I have within me all I need. I create my own life. I am who I am! I recognize now all my stupid, judgmental, unkind days while growing up, lack in comparison to all the wonderful, encouraging, kind, non-judgmental acts I continue to perform each day. I see myself as a divine being, whole, not above or below anyone else. You cannot control or manipulate me because I make my own decisions and choices that benefit me. By going within, getting rid of negative patterns, limited beliefs and recognizing who and what you are, you will be able to see we are all wanting love and acceptance in our lives.

The third stage of leveling up along your journey is to understand the importance of forgiveness and it’s role in your life. Allowing forgiveness into your heart to melt away all anger, traumas, or blocks that may prevent you from moving forward in love as a human being. Forgiveness is asked for by apologizing and it is given with a desire for a better relationship. Forgiveness has no expectations or rules. Forgiveness is the key to everything. It is the key I hand you and the key you pass on to others.

By going within you will find what you lack, why you lack it and how to fill it. Allowing life lessons to lead and direct you is another step up. Lastly, we are all gatekeepers and its up to you to open the door for others to heal.

After-all, I hate nothing about you!