Gratitude lifts

You are a seed planted

nestled in the womb of earth

love energy invites you to be

safe, protected, nourished

Visualize a new great moment

like when you rise from your ignorance

look with compassion on yourself

for we were all deceived

What you see in yourself you practice in the world

love and serve with an open heart

be grateful for your life, body and the lessons you learn

It is only a short journey

Forgive yourself for all those decisions

gratitude lifts your vibration

all you have is the now moment

stand in the present

Do not fear your future

Oh, Canada

oh, Canada I have wandered far

time marked in travelling

grounded in muck and mire

coutless paths paved by sole

in all directions

crisscrossing while conjuring my place

breathing just breathing

oh, Canada you have drawn me in

the shape of your rocky cliffs

the crevice between your valleyed breasts

an addict wanting only to climb

and conquer your peaks

oh, Canada you entice my poets eye

sensing and envisioning

your passionate plea for me to look deeper

to surrender

to plant my seed

oh, Canada forgive my loyal ignorance

your Canadian shield is your blanket of peace

your land drowning in deciduous

and coniferous beings

whose vapours like poignant contrails

beg me to enter

Oh, Canada your land is strong and free

my patriot love is possessed by your call

forever I will notice

forever I will stand

forever I am entangled

I plant myself in love to thee