Of course I am assuming right now.  How do you treat yourself?  If you had to be honest there is most likely room for improvement right?

If we want a paradigm shift, a better world, well you guessed it, it begins with you!

Self love is the key to changing the world.  Self worth issues should be your primary focus.  Learn to be a friend to yourself.  Now is the time to start dealing with any old traumas, negative thought patterns and limited belief systems that you may have been indoctrinated with.  Release them. Let them go!  If it’s not working in your life it’s time to let go.

If you want others to treat you with the love & respect you deserve and with joy and admiration in your presence, then it begins with how you feel about yourself.  Take time in the coming weeks to get to know yourself.  Dig down deep in your soul and ask yourself questions like Who am I?  Why am I Here?  What brings me joy? How do I treat others?  I know what your thinking TIME what’s that?  If you are the super person I know you are, I believe you can manifest some “self time outs”.  Enjoy being creative with your time outs.  Some examples I use are:  Meditation, walks, runs, driving in traffic talking to yourself ( My favourite ), bath time, and I hear daydreaming needs a comeback!  Go ahead and give it some thought.

Changing our world is directly related to our thoughts and actions.  Every day is an opportunity to directly affect the people we meet which in turn affects our world.  You have the answers you seek.  You are wonderfully made.  You are important to every person you meet tomorrow.  Without your smile how am I to feel acceptance?  Without your words of appreciation how am I to be encouraged?  I know how my dog Shadow feels by the way I am greeted with enthusiasm and love.

The first step in changing the world begins with knowing who you are and what you need!  The next step is treating others the same way you want to be treated!  We change the world by creating a caring collective community that represents what we truly want.

This dance of connection is the new paradigm shift!


Walking brings me closer to Death

After two years of retirement I couldn’t stand the boredom and returned to the workplace.

I walked to work the other day and walked home again- 6.10 km It’s part of a new lifestyle change for me.

Man am I out of shape! I used to walk for a living ( ex letter carrier).

My lifestyle change is my way of loving myself better, spending more time with nature, and of course finding my missing waistline!

Hey has anyone seen my missing waistline?

Teetering for encouragement

Any tips?