The Power of knowing the “Why”

Motives drive our intentions and so it is only logical that the two are fused by design. It’s great to have goals, dreams or aspirations to move us forward on our journey but it is more powerful and important to know the “Why”. The “Why” brings clarity and is the key to fulfillment. The “Why” is our thread to our subconscious, the root to going within. Why do we think this way? act this way? desire this or need that? These questions bring us closer to knowing who we really are and they become the basis to the values and morals we set up as our individuality.

Now is a great time for introspection. When you ask yourself, why am I feeling like this? saying that? or being triggered by something or someone else? the answers may be surprising and self healing as to what they tell you about yourself.

Developing clear motives will help you define your path and life experiences. Knowing when and why to think, feel and act will be like a magnet for miracles to happen. Clearly defined motives driving your intentions is the Law of Attraction that will create the potential for growth in your life.

In the end life is all about being loved. A deeper understanding of your needs could be your next miracle. The “Why” is the buried treasure within you and it’s time to do a little digging. The “Why” will bring you closer to the happiness you seek!

In Unity while uncovering deep truths,


Write On!

Today my writing prompt said “What do you want to be when you get older & why?”

Well, I’m pushing the 60 + age group and I’m still wondering about who I want to be when I get older. That should tell you something about who I am. I believe we are living in a constant state of learning. The key is to stay open and flexible to all life brings towards you, after all there are teachable moments in those times. Who I want to be is a greater, wiser, lovelier, kinder person. I want to be the face of wisdom, the rock of Gibraltar, the mother of compassion. All I have to figure out is when will I recognize that I am old. What is the age or time that speaks STOP your old now! Will it be when my body gives out, when the ambulance is called or when my children no longer come to see me? I really don’t know, but until that time I will continue on my hero’s journey of self discovery and pick the flowers, turn over the rocks, bath in the Lake and close my eyes so my ears can hear the waterfall.  I will remember to write again on my 140th birthday and let you know how I made out.