7 Powerful questions to ask yourself before you step into 2023

Happy new year by Library of Congress is licensed under CC-CC0 1.0

Do you create a New Years Resolutions list each year in the hopes of changing the things that don’t resonate anymore? I’m here to say hold on! 2023 can be your quantum leap.

Creating a place of authenticity means investing in yourself. Reconnecting to your abilities, responsibilities and believing in yourself starts with answering the following questions created by Kerry k.

Question #1 “Where am I neglecting myself?”

Often the answer to this question is not obvious. By sitting and connecting to your feelings, and I don’t mean analyzing yourself, just allow your feelings to rise as you ask this question. When did your over investment in others over take your priority to yourself? You can not give to others what you yourself do not have within. Others will create priority for their own needs if you allow them. Yes, I know we all have people who depend upon us but there has to be a balance. When you start to question where others put you on their priority list, you begin to awaken from the dream. Others can not give to you anything you have not given to yourself. When we ask others to give you quality time, to focus on your relationship or pay attention to your needs, you lose sight of who really comes first. YOU come first, so prioritize yourself.

Question #2 “Am I learning to validate what I cannot see?”

So many of us have been gas lighted by our family, friends or acquaintances who are mostly trying to compete with us. Many of us having non validating conversations, superficial relationships with me-centered beings. Their truths being thrown at us to be absorbed as our own. Holding your truth and validating your own feelings and experiences should never be compromised. Use your discernment and intuition and allow your heart to lead you. You will never be led astray.

Question #3 “Can you be true to yourself?”

In the traditional sense boundaries can be limiting and inhibiting, sometimes placing a wall between you and those in your life. Although using a higher version of self-honor with integrity, you can create healthy boundaries. Behaviors seen in others that you do not like, often gets you to thinking “am I not honoring myself?” Make your life about you’re own behavior. By self-honoring, your issuing a decree that says you will be treated by a better, expanded standard. By having this attitude and taking personal responsibility for yourself, this will create a huge catalyst for personal growth.

Question #4 “Have I practiced saying NO to others?”

Saying NO is a standard not a boundary. You can not do more for others then you do for yourself. When you say no to others do so with a higher frequency of love. Say it in a way that does not shut them off or shut them out. Do so without bias, prejudice or alienating them. Say No without shutting yourself down! Say I need, promised, scheduled etc….. right now, and can not be available, do this, or take care of that…… for you. Growing up means letting your YES be YES and your NO be NO.

Question #5 “Can you say YES to yourself?”

This is a technique that requires receptivity and connection to self. You can only say yes to yourself first before expecting others to say yes to you. Invest in yourself so you can give to others in the world. Today that might look like healing, recovery, silence, and time to sit & read. Tomorrow it might be an interlude with abundance. Your needs are not stationary they require an action and being in a mind set of receptivity. Your needs require a connection to yourself and an agreement to invest in YOU. It’s ok now to ask yourself what the hell are my needs?

Question #6 “Am I able to recognize the difference between Love and Self-compromise?”

The words love and self compromise are different and have different meanings but in relationships they look the same. Most of the time you don’t see self-compromise until you feel rotten, bitter, miserable, depleted and fatigued. When you realize that your energy has been sucked out of you and the only people standing around looking back at you are your loved ones. Addressing this question requires you to look back and see where you self-compromised yourself in the past. Did you see it coming then? Follow the pattern forward. Do you see it now? Self -Love needs to come before Love because it is the foundation or pillar of who you are. Your being has to be filled with love in order for you to share it with others. Then it is your responsibility, not others, for filling your cup up and over flowing. Self love is an action you perform to invest in your own life!

Question #7 “Who am I sacrificing myself for?”

Lastly, this is where we meet the martyr within. Who in your life are you giving away your free time, love and energy to? Did they specifically ask you to do all those things for them? Did your self sacrifice serve them, uplift them or benefit them? I’m here to let you in on a dirty little truth we rarely talk about. “No one benefits from self sacrifice”. You do not benefit nor do others; in fact, you are depriving them of their own self growth. Balance is needed here, if not, you will become bitter, resentful, and fatigued emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. You staying small serves no one!

It’s time for you to validate yourself and get into a commitment with yourself. When you self monitor you become;

The highest version of you and you serve the most people

The wisest version of you and you have the greatest wisdom to give

The most loving version of you and you can love the most people

The most abundant version of you and you can give the most!

Start 2023 with openness and a commitment to yourself so that the path ahead of you is paved with great intentions for living your best life!

Happy New Years Tribe



March Rant

Hello and happy spring to all of you! Today marks the third year I have started blogging and it is the 13th anniversary of Lisa’s death. My how time fly’s and answers still remain elusive as the day she died. As I teeter on the edge I am beginning to realize that it has turned into a wonderful hike. I feel the cool air as I breath in the poison and I am surrounded by deciduous beings blasting out healing energy as I carry on. Two things spring to mind as some of the lessons I have learned, not only of Lisa’s death but for every death that followed hers, and there have been many. This is my flowing list;

My father, Uncle Eddy, Scott, Jenny, Heidi, Shadow, cousin Julie, Uncle Roger, Gwen, Ricky-lee, Rick, Barry, cousin Gloria, cousin George, Neighbors, work acquaintances, and now my Aunt Edna. I still feel like I am leaving someone out.

Firstly “TIME” does help with healing as I crawl my way back onto my path. I now walk with confidence that tomorrow is another day to deal with my emotions, which has become a daily process of acknowledging, receiving, feeling and releasing them. It is a very human problem to push them aside and hide them until we are forced to feel them again. I have learned it is better to get it over with and fill the void with LOVE. Let love in! Love of self, love of the memories, love for each moment I am living. Prayer & meditation have helped me and promising myself to live each day being as authentic and truthful to my journey helps keep me grounded.

Secondly, LOVE never fades for those we long to hold. Finding love, experiencing love and letting love go is the lesson we are here to experience. If love is the greatest feeling we can experience and fear the most profound opposite then I have learned my lessons. For to let love go one must conquer the fear and begin to live again. If we don’t, death will overcome our hearts and we will remain stagnant spiraling into non existence. Love is the answer to every question and the prize at the end of our journey. As I teeter on the edge of my journey I remind you to love your way and through TIME,

the future will prove the past!

Spring Forward,


What is spirituality?

Spirituality is the soul’s search for God. It is connecting the human form to a higher dimensional being.

God, creator, source, whatever you want to call him/her/them, says we are made in their image. Genesis 1:26 “Let us make man (male & female) in our image, after our likeness; let them have dominion over…” Genesis 1:27 “Male and female he created them.” and Genesis 2:7 “and man (we) became a living creature.”

What image is God talking about? I believe it is the image of LOVE. Love is the greatest force, energy and expectation that we are to strive towards as a living creature. This is why in Matthew 22:37 of the new testament, Jesus took the 10 commandments and brought them down to two, “Love God with all your heart, soul and mind, this is the first and greatest commandment.” The second being “Love your neighbor as yourself. All the law and the prophets land on these two commandments.” Love is the image of which we as male & female are sent forth to create and experience life.

Love is the fractal that resides in us that is the God, source, creator part. Spirituality is the soul’s search for our creator. Once realized, it reaffirms that we do not need a priest, pastor or guru to connect us to our creator. Once we realize we possess Love, we can connect to the God fractal within us thus connecting to God. Love comes in different forms. Self love is the gratefulness we feel for our bodies, our time and our breath each day. Love for others is the action we put into caring, supporting and relating to others and spirituality is the heavenly love for our creator. It is this connection that reminds us we are not alone.

As a fractal of God, we can reside and acknowledge our greater self, mission and tribe through our spiritual connections. This happens when we bring down the many forms of love into our heart & soul, thus raising our vibrations. It is through the vibration of love that the God outside of us connects to the God within us. This is also the process of manifestation and creation of our hearts desires. It is here in this bigger picture, that we strive to attain and exist, as we live each day being bombarded by the lower frequency energies.

John 4:24 – “God is spirit and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.”

If God is spirit we should be spiritual!

Sending LOVE to all of you,



Today I took a leap of faith, faith in myself as a co-creator. Today I prayed, not for myself, but for you. I prayed as a God would for his creation, as a co-creator would for his world, and as a fellow human being would, wanting only the best for others.

I started my day with a vision of love. I prayed for you today because without love there is no thing substantial in this universe. Love is the glue, the consciousness that binds us and all things around us. In truth, without love there is no vision!

I prayed for you because whether you realize it or not, you are a part of my worldly existence. You play a role in the vast experiment we call life. Your decisions affect not only yourself but all those around you.

My vision of humanity is to be Human Strong! We are great creator beings, full of imagination and wonder. There is nothing we can not invent. Lets use this creative gift and build a world of Love. Humanity will rise against this manipulation/control and warfare/torture that surrounds us and we will accept the challenge to create the world we really want. A world that unites us instead of dividing us. We are a unique species. Lets create a world that is eager for peace and a future that exemplifies the qualities of this peace.

Let us be like the hiker teetering on a pathway that leads over the edge of a cliff, wanting only adventure and a new future, and take the leap of faith that brings us one step closer to achieving the world we really want.

Today I took this leap of faith, today I prayed for you!

Photo by Mau00ebl BALLAND on Pexels.com

Reality Check


I send thoughts of loving compassion to all on earth as we traverse through these difficult times.

For those of you who do not know me, I am retired and my husband is a Paramedic with Windsor/Essex EMS service here in Ontario, Canada.

This is how my husband now has to work in order to protect himself from the Covid 19 virus pandemic. Please keep all health care workers in your prayers and follow all health Guidelines within your country.

Today I write for him! I love him and I want him to know I have his back. I too will practice social distance from all of our family ( 4 children & 6 grandchildren ) and our friends, too many to mention! I will have the washing machine ready for his arrival and a new set of clothes for him after he showers. I will prepare him a healthy dinner and remind him to take his vitamins. Mostly all day I will send him loving thoughts to protect him as he cares for all of his patients. Each day I know God has him in his care and I trust that!

As we teeter on the edge of yet another life event, I’m hoping that soon we will be able to retire to that piece of land up north on an inland lake and grow our own food, fish, swim and watch the stary night sky as we dream of spending the summers with our children and grandchildren.

Please feel free to leave comments of encouragement.

Sincerely, Jacqueline

Immeasurable Power of the Heart Way

Today is the ” One Year Anniversary” of my blog! It is also the 11th Anniversary of the death of our daughter Lisa. Another Painfully beautiful day. As my husband and I sit thinking of her and how fast the years have passed, I am reminded of the immeasurable power of the healing heart.

According to Alana Fairchild;

The heart has the power to heal in a way that the mind cannot undertstand. Do not allow your mind to distract or frighten you. You are a beautiful child of the universe and divine love lives within your heart. A willing heart is all you need to transform any situation that is troubling you. Recognizing this power does not evoke feelings of pressure or anxiety, but, rather of peace and joy. Let your heart feel the faith it needs to feel so that it can rest in joy. For when we heal ourselves we help heal all others.

As a way shower and lightworker in this world I would like to leave you with an affirmation from the Edgar Cayce Prayer Group:

“Mother/Father/God, we call upon your healing presence to calm the challenges that are currently facing the entire world. We ask that you help to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and bring healing to those who have been impacted by it. We pray for a greater awareness of your presence and ask for your assistance in understanding how each of us may be a channel of blessings to one another during this time. We pray for peace, healing, patience and an awareness of your spirit coming into the earth now.”