Immeasurable Power of the Heart Way

Today is the ” One Year Anniversary” of my blog! It is also the 11th Anniversary of the death of our daughter Lisa. Another Painfully beautiful day. As my husband and I sit thinking of her and how fast the years have passed, I am reminded of the immeasurable power of the healing heart.

According to Alana Fairchild;

The heart has the power to heal in a way that the mind cannot undertstand. Do not allow your mind to distract or frighten you. You are a beautiful child of the universe and divine love lives within your heart. A willing heart is all you need to transform any situation that is troubling you. Recognizing this power does not evoke feelings of pressure or anxiety, but, rather of peace and joy. Let your heart feel the faith it needs to feel so that it can rest in joy. For when we heal ourselves we help heal all others.

As a way shower and lightworker in this world I would like to leave you with an affirmation from the Edgar Cayce Prayer Group:

“Mother/Father/God, we call upon your healing presence to calm the challenges that are currently facing the entire world. We ask that you help to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and bring healing to those who have been impacted by it. We pray for a greater awareness of your presence and ask for your assistance in understanding how each of us may be a channel of blessings to one another during this time. We pray for peace, healing, patience and an awareness of your spirit coming into the earth now.”

Leap Day

February 29,2020 was a day out of time. Astrologically, you would have experienced it in two ways. Firstly, through your monkey mind where you were set & willed to live in your head, looping worries, desires, trying to solve issues and feeling overwhelmed by your thoughts! OR

Secondly, it was to be a day of peace, bliss, and love. A reminder of your protection and place in this great game of life.

My day fell into the second group. It involved grabbing a friend and going for a winter hike at point Pelee National Park . Willed in morning meditation to get outside spirit told me I would see an Eagle as a gift.

Busy beavers
Rabbit tracks
Winter on Lake Erie
Ice shining like diamonds
The red Adirondack chairs where we saw my Eagle

February update:

Wow I can’t believe the month went by so fast so I will keep this update short.

I’m still editing my seasonal nature poem book

I love the book cover that the graphic designer from Calgary created for me.

Her website is

I have read 14/37 books so far since January.

On February 21,22,23 I attended an Edgar Cayce spiritual retreat in Niagara Falls Ontario. I have been interested in EC since my teenage years. I’m now 58. My mother introduced me to his books. She was interested in the natural healing remedies. I now have 5 of his books and will invest in more in the future.

This was the first event of it’s kind I have attended and my already high expectations were met with reciprocity. The retreat was well organized and had a balance between meals, social time, seminars, labyrinth, meditations, and healing ceremonies.

Some of the lectures I attended were:

– Accessing your intuition through dreams & symbolism.

– Angels, guides and the afterlife.

– Major earth changes.

– Your soul growth.

– Edgar Cayce on Shamanism

Thank you to organizers, staff & volunteers who made this happen. Thanks to Anthony Barr who led an early morning drum circle as the sun was coming up over the Niagara River! It was cold but well worth it! Another thanks to my new friends from Philadelphia. It’s amazing how common interests can create instant friendships! We will talk soon.

Feel free to check out she is a master psychic, mentor, author, and metaphysical teacher of 50 yrs.

January Rants

I am sitting here with my glass of Merlot in the CHEERS wineglass my son gave me for christmas. I can not believe that January is ending. Where did the time fly? For me this month has been busy filled with lots of Jacqueline things. I have finished two books of Poetry and I have the first one called “Lake Erie Calling” a book of seasonal nature poems, at my writing editor’s desk as we speak. I have a graphic artist from Calgary working on the book cover and I am excited as to what she comes up with. My second book which is called “Human Strong” is another poem book about becoming aware, awakened, aligned and actualized based on four truths. This book is also ready for publishing. Cheers I’ll drink to that!

This year I gave myself 37 books to read. I am at Goodreads if anyone wants to follow me. ( Jacqueline Denis) I have read 7 books so far this month. I know unbelievable! Cheers I’ll drink to that! It helped when I was sick for 2 weeks at the end of December, that gave me catch up time. At our book club this month we were challenged to read a book based on its cover. Thank you Tiffanie! because I just finished a book called “The Overstory” by Richard Powers. I saw this book at Chapters and loved the cover, it also helped that it won a Pulitzer Prize. If you love trees this is the book for you! I gave it a 5/5 As my book club girls will tell you I never do that, actually only once before.

Between writing and reading I met a new friend called Jennifer and had her over for coffee. Cheers! I’ll drink to that! I believe it is important to keep our hearts open for new people in our lives. I personally like to have friends, they nourish and complete me! I know so corny but that’s me.

In February (21,22,23,) I have planned to attend an Edgar Cacey Spiritual Retreat in Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada. I ‘m looking forward to that.

Lastly, Tomorrow I am heading up north to Sault St. Marie to look at a few homes and go winter hiking! We love the Canadian North and we plan to buy a home up there soon. The forests call me, the evergreens beg me and sasquatch needs a hug! I’ll drink to that!

We have been teetering on the edge of change for years now and we feel called, so you know what they say ” change is good donkey”! Hey is anyone joining me here!


Wholeness Tribe!

What is your favourite work of Art?

For me it has always been “Gustav Klimt” and his famous painting called “The Kiss”

Gustav Klimt was an Austrian symbolist painter and a member of the Vienna Art Nouveau movement. He shocked Art critics with his unorthodox techniques and provocative themes.

“The Kiss” depicts two lovers teetering on the edge of a flower field or meadow. It was first presented in 1908 as unfinished.

What I love about this picture is the energy of love it depicts. They are on blended knee and the colours of their robes are as vibrant as their loving embrace. It was created as an outdoor memory as they adorned hand made crowns on their heads.

For me this picture portrays the moment one truly feels loved, accepted, respected, adorned,valued and free to be yourself!

Needless to say I bought the coffee mug!