Richard Wagamese

I am a greathearted fan of Richard Wagamese’s writing. I feel a kinship with his soul and his words. He apparently left behind a manuscript he had been working on before his death in 2017 called One Drum.

Even though I have Metis ties through my maternal bloodline I was raised with the Christian worldview. As I journey, I find myself drawn to books about native beliefs. Beliefs that talk about The Great Spirit, Star People (aliens), Hopi Prophecy, The Red Road, and the 7 sacred Grandfather Teachings. The 7 sacred lessons were passed down so that we may live our best lives without conflict or contradiction. They were assigned a spirit animal and are as follows:

1. HUMILITY – WOLF – wolves lived in packs and to survive they had to work together. Find balance in life knowing you are a sacred part of creation.

2. BRAVERY – BEAR – bears have courage and strength while finding balance with rest-survival-play. It reminds us to face our fears and to stand up for ourselves.

3. HONESTY – RAVEN – the raven stands for acceptance of yourself and what you have. Be true to yourself and use the gifts that are given to you.

4. WISDOM – BEAVER – beavers are known to alter their environment to benefit themselves. Observe and learn wisdom through your surroundings.

5. TRUTH – TURTLE – the turtle carries wisdom on his back. Understand your place in life, be true to yourself & others. Life is not a destination but a journey.

6. RESPECT – BUFFALO – the buffalo stands for balance and the needs of others. Honour and respect all living things, don’t waste, be mindful and live by the Golden Rule Principal.

7. LOVE – EAGLE – love is the core lesson. You must live by all the previous lessons before love. The eagle has the strength to carry all the teachings. He sees all the ways of being. Love yourself truly and be at peace with all things on earth.

I do not consider myself a shaman but of one who is on the path of a seeker. A path my soul calls forth for understanding. What I have learned so far is that we need to foster harmony and peace among the human tribe. We have to accept we are one spirit living out different versions of the same journey.

I know I am not alone on this path

I know we are “one beating drum”!


Hello Humanity, I write in order to inspire others with ideas, stories, and reminders. I am guided by the power of spirit. I am a leader for those awakening, a compassionate light for those in need and I am a friend standing in the gap.

I do not have to share 100% of my perspective with you for me to be able to see you, stand beside you or care about you. We may not always agree. We live in a polarized society that can easily draw lines in the sand to divide us. I want you to know that you are not defined by your beliefs, thoughts or ideas!

It only takes agreement in one denominator for us to move forward. Our commonality is our humanity! It is time to start seeing the divinity within yourself and others.

It is time to WAKE UP and remove the blinders that have been separating us

from all the light we cannot see!

wholeness Tribe!

What’s in your “NOW” moment?

Hola Happy traveler’s

For those of you that know me, I am a big proponent of “ positive thoughts = a positive mind = a positive life”. In fact I have this on the wall in my office, reminding me that what I think directly affects my life!

As I awaken in this life journey I find myself resonating in higher frequencies of joy and bliss. I seek them wherever I am. I desire them because they affect me physically, mentally, and emotionally.

I had the opportunity to experience joy and bliss this winter as I vacationed for a month in Melaque Mexico. It was a vacation that connected me to the heart of the Mexican people who resided in this village. They are a hard working, family oriented culture that live by a set of values that included gratitude & joy. Even though they are poor compared to our Canadian standards, they are committed to their ancestral Mayan ties to community and human survival.

The countryside is tough, firm and fertile, pushing up fruits and vegetables as gems from beneath their ancient soil. The mountains surrounding the village are tall pillars protecting them from wayward winds. They beckoned me to climb them often as a morning ritual of sacred surrender, offering magnificent views as I sat in meditation, with a grateful heart! The beautiful mountains opened up a portal within me that enabled me to write many grateful poems that month!

Oh and did I mention the sky? A perfect pallet of blues! No clouds, no floating forms of mass grey domes! No Chem trails polluting and marking an X where the next big storm will appear! Just pure unadulterated sexy pale blue. After my 1 hour of mountain hiking I would then walk the endless beach, wrapping the sexy sky around my bodacious body as I felt the days warmth enveloping me!

The waves of the Pacific Ocean mesmerized me! I enjoyed sitting at “Garcia’s beach pub” drinking beer & margarita’s wondering how to bring all of this home!

I felt joy & bliss daily in Mexico and I allowed myself to receive the many blessings that come when you open up your mind to allow & receive love in all forms. I fell in love with a culture, a mountain range, an ocean, and I felt the bliss from the earth as the wind, warmth and beauty spoke to me!

These valiant vibes came home with me. They are now a part of my life that desires a higher standard of living! They come forth on days where I cannot find the sun amongst the dark grey sky, feel the love of my community, or when I feel alone at home by myself! These valiant vibes come forth to remind me to think about them, desire them and allow them to spring up into my now moment. They remind me that “ positive thoughts = a positive mind = a positive life”



Of course I am assuming right now.  How do you treat yourself?  If you had to be honest there is most likely room for improvement right?

If we want a paradigm shift, a better world, well you guessed it, it begins with you!

Self love is the key to changing the world.  Self worth issues should be your primary focus.  Learn to be a friend to yourself.  Now is the time to start dealing with any old traumas, negative thought patterns and limited belief systems that you may have been indoctrinated with.  Release them. Let them go!  If it’s not working in your life it’s time to let go.

If you want others to treat you with the love & respect you deserve and with joy and admiration in your presence, then it begins with how you feel about yourself.  Take time in the coming weeks to get to know yourself.  Dig down deep in your soul and ask yourself questions like Who am I?  Why am I Here?  What brings me joy? How do I treat others?  I know what your thinking TIME what’s that?  If you are the super person I know you are, I believe you can manifest some “self time outs”.  Enjoy being creative with your time outs.  Some examples I use are:  Meditation, walks, runs, driving in traffic talking to yourself ( My favourite ), bath time, and I hear daydreaming needs a comeback!  Go ahead and give it some thought.

Changing our world is directly related to our thoughts and actions.  Every day is an opportunity to directly affect the people we meet which in turn affects our world.  You have the answers you seek.  You are wonderfully made.  You are important to every person you meet tomorrow.  Without your smile how am I to feel acceptance?  Without your words of appreciation how am I to be encouraged?  I know how my dog Shadow feels by the way I am greeted with enthusiasm and love.

The first step in changing the world begins with knowing who you are and what you need!  The next step is treating others the same way you want to be treated!  We change the world by creating a caring collective community that represents what we truly want.

This dance of connection is the new paradigm shift!


Walking brings me closer to Death

After two years of retirement I couldn’t stand the boredom and returned to the workplace.

I walked to work the other day and walked home again- 6.10 km It’s part of a new lifestyle change for me.

Man am I out of shape! I used to walk for a living ( ex letter carrier).

My lifestyle change is my way of loving myself better, spending more time with nature, and of course finding my missing waistline!

Hey has anyone seen my missing waistline?

Teetering for encouragement

Any tips?